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H. Dean Steward - Cases / White Collar Crime

Many criminal allegations in the business world often end up in federal court. Of late, fraud on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has drawn the attention of federal law enforcement. Mr. Steward is a pioneer in forcefully defending these types of allegations. In addition, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, health care fraud and tax charges are but a few of the many types of cases that are routinely indicted in the federal system. Dean Steward's practice centers on aggressively defending these types of charges. Just a few sample are:

U.S. v. Dr. T.D. - client acquitted in federal court in Santa Ana of health care fraud charges 
U.S. v. J.F. - client (a CPA), tax charges dismissed in federal court in San Diego 
U.S. v. CCI - client was a corporate executive who Mr. Steward convinced prosecutors not to indict- Santa Ana 
U.S. v. J.O. - client executive charged with selling banned items to over-seas companies- charged dismissed on pre-trial motions- federal court- Santa Ana 
U.S. v. Riley - federal court in Los Angeles- client acquitted on bank fraud charges 
A hot target for prosecutors in the coming years will be mortgage fraud, and allegations from the mortgage industry melt down. Dean Steward is currently guiding several clients through the minefield of defending against these charges. His wide experience in mortgage related cases is a great benefit to these and future clients. 
Health care fraud allegations are another area with increasing scrutiny from federal law enforcement. Mr. Steward is a veteran practitioner with these types of charges, enjoying great success in defending his physician clients and other care professionals.